McLaren P1 Sold Out?

Full specs are still a heavily guarded secret, but is McLaren already set to close its order books on the P1 hypercar?

Having revealed the P1 concept at the Paris Motor Show and pimped it out at private unveilings to its elite clientele in Beverly Hills and New York, we have still to learn the full specs of McLaren's first hypercar in over twenty years. Even its bottomless-pocketed customers are in the dark as to the P1's power and performance capabilities. But that hasn't stopped them from handing over deposits. Perhaps learning about the hypercar's industry first "superaluminum" wheels and mirror-finished full carbon brakes was enough for them to share their wealth.

As according to Cars UK, McLaren has already sold out its initial run of cars and will close order books on the P1 by mid-February. So those with a million-dollar-plus budget for a supercar that spent too long deliberating whether to opt for the P1, Huayra or Agera R, can now rule out a visit to Woking.

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