McLaren P1 Spotted on the Road

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Spy shots of production-ready McLaren P1 confirm new hypercar will stay true to concept unveiled in Paris.

When the McLaren P1 debuted at the Paris show in September, the concept was described as being more than 95 percent in likeness to the production car. These latest spy shots of the all-new hypercar with just some basic camo and no body cladding seem to back that up. A full production-ready model is expected to appear at next year's Geneva Motor Show before going on sale in a limited-production run late in 2013 coinciding with McLaren's 50th anniversary. It will carry a price tag in the region of £700k - 800k, and come in left-hand drive only.

Seen as the replacement of the legendary McLaren F1 (internally known as Project 1), the P1 is built around a carbon monocoque chassis and cloaked in a heavily sculpted carbon-fiber body, the design of which was overseen by Frank Stephenson and inspired by a Le Mans racer. Few technical details are known although it is widely acknowledged a more potent version of the MP4-12C's 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 coupled to a KERS hybrid system will be used to generate in the region of 800 horsepower. In building the P1, McLaren wasn't focused on making the fastest or most powerful car, but simply "the best driver's car in the world."

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