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McLaren P1 Tests in the Snow

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Hybrid hypercar kicks up some snowflakes on a frozen lake to get it ready for customers who may take it anywhere.

With only 375 examples to be made, seeing a McLaren P1 anywhere will be something of a rarity. But there are certain places you'd be more likely to spot one: on the streets of Monte Carlo, some of the world's finest race tracks, around the McLaren factory in Woking… but in the snow? Not very likely, but automakers like McLaren have to prepare for any eventuality. And that means testing it in frozen climes. That's just what McLaren Automotive has done with its new hybrid hypercar.

Thankfully McLaren was good enough to release this video footage so we can get in on the action, too. Tune in to listen to the epic sound of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 and witness the sight of the exotic supercar spitting snowflakes with more fury than an arctic storm.

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