McLaren P1 XP2R Hints at New Special Edition

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Is McLaren already preparing a beefed-up variant of the P1?

Having put the P1 hypercar firmly in everyone's thoughts after a scintillating display at the Goodwood FoS, McLaren looks to be preparing a special edition model of its 903-horsepower flagship. Spied at the Nurburgring with the British carmaker's chief test driver Chris Goodwin at the helm, the P1 was caught wearing a sticker reading "XP2R prototype vehicle." The "XP" nomenclature is McLaren's internal code for experimental prototype, and the "2" perhaps signifies this is the second such vehicle.

However, the "R" remains a mystery. Visually, there don't appear to be any differences from the regular P1 but that doesn't mean there aren't any. We could be looking at a new limited edition with more power, say in the region of 1,000 horses, or this could be a racing-spec variant developed by the guys at McLaren GT. We just hope it's not simply one of the final prototypes of the P1. Only time will tell.

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