McLaren 'P12' F1-Successor Looks Terrific - Digitally

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Iacoski Design has speculatively-rendered the next McLaren F1.

We have brought you renderings from Iacoski Design in the past, however this one appears to be their most accurate to date. The design company has used spy shots and images of prototypes to develop a computer-generated rendering of what the new McLaren F1-successor (codename P12) will, speculatively of course, look like. The renderings combine styling cues from the McLaren MP4-12C, camouflaged prototypes caught testing and unique features from the original F1 along with 'inside information' for their work.

We expect such features to carry over onto the new F1 from the original, such as an air channel on the hood and air scoop on the roof. Something new could be the MP4-12C's MonoCell carbon fiber monocoque. Much like the Ferrari F12berlinetta, the P12 will utilize a Formula 1-inspired KERS system (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) to accentuate the 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 found in the MP4-12C. When the energy boost is activated, the P12 could put out around 800-plus horsepower. The new McLaren F1 P12 should come in a production run somewhere in between 300 to 500 units. Pricing is expected to be in the just under $1 million range.

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