McLaren P15 Confirmed As Brand's Most Extreme Road Car Ever

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Get ready to meet the newest member of the Ultimate Series.

McLaren has been not-so secretly working on a new track-focused supercar under the codename P15 for some time now. So far, we have been left to speculate about the company's plans, but McLaren has finally spilled the beans. McLaren has today confirmed that its next car will be revealed early next year as part of its Track22 business plan and an addition to the Ultimate Series. The Ultimate Series consists of hypercars like the P1, which sit above the Sport Series (570S) and the Super Series (720S).

The P15 will be revealed in the first quarter of 2018, likely at the Geneva Motor Show in March. McLaren says that the P15 will be the ultimate track car, but will still be road legal. The company wants the car to be so track focused, it says the P15 will sacrifice daily usability to give the most intensive driver experience around a circuit. We already know that the P15 will be powerful (around 800 hp) and light weight (around 3,300 pounds). McLaren has targeted P1-level performance from this car, and is confident that the P15 will match the P1 in straight-line speed even without a hybrid system. After seeing how fast the 720S is, we don't doubt McLaren's claims for a second.

McLaren says that it will give more details about the car before the end of the year. This includes the actual name, which probably won't end up being P15. McLaren is expected to produce only 500 examples of this car, so getting on the list to buy one will not be easy. The company also confirmed that the P15 will be the first of two cars that will be added to the Ultimate Series. The second car will be the rumored BP23, which will be the true successor to the P1 and feature a unique three-seat layout.

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