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McLaren Really Really Doesn’t Want to Build an SUV

Sports Car

It ain't gonna happen.

McLaren Automotive knows what it's good at, and it intends to keep doing that. And just that. Speaking to Bloomberg, company CEO Mike Flewitt said, “We genuinely believe we make the best sports cars in the world. We need to remain very focused. McLaren is a sports car brand and that’s exactly what we’re going to remain.” As such, he ruled out the idea of the company following the example of the likes of the Lamborghini Urus by building an SUV any time in the future.

With its sports car focus, McLaren has already promised a new model every year. The next debut expected to be the entry-level P13, which should be priced from as low as $177,000. Rather than taking the off-road path, McLaren intends to expand its global sales to 4,000 vehicles per year (up from 1,400 last year) with the help of the P13, as well as the newly introduced 650S.

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