McLaren Reanimates Button and Hamilton for more Tooned

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F1's dynamic duo return for episodes 2 and 3 of McLaren's animated series.

Since airing the first episode of "Tooned", the animated short series that kicked off after the British Grand Prix, it's been a successful couple of weeks for McLaren's hot-shot racing drivers.

Jenson Button made it onto the podium at Hockenheim (with a little help from his pitcrew that managed the fastest pitstop of all time), after which his team-mate Lewis Hamilton clinched victory over the weekend in Budapest. That makes it four grand prix victories for McLaren in eleven races so far this season - more than any other team.

The world-champion F1 drivers have also been on our screens in animated form as, true to their word, McLaren aired two more episodes of their superb animated series prior to the aforementioned races. There are plenty more laughs, nods to past masters including Mika Hakkinen and James Hunt, and top secret, Bond-style advanced technology in the high-quality animations, so sit back and enjoy. We're still waiting for cartoon versions of Nicole Sherzinger and Jessica Michibata (gorgeous girlfriends of the British F1 racers) to make their cameos. Hopefully McLaren will fulfill our weird hot-cartoon-chick fantasies in the coming installments.

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