McLaren Releases Final Sport Series Teaser, Shows it Getting Good and Sideways

We assume that it can go in a straight line as well.

We're not entirely sure that it's appropriate to call the shots you see here teasers. There is some camo on the car, sure, but there isn't a whole lot of mystery left as to what the Sport Series will look like. So it makes sense that McLaren is saying that these are the final teaser shots of the car before its official debut. Although the strange thing about that is it won't be a Detroit debut, but rather a New York one, which is still several months away.

This must be done for some reason, but what makes it all the more intriguing is that McLaren has also announced the debut of the #BlackSwanMoments social media publicity campaign for the Sport Series. If there aren't any more teasers coming, that sounds like it would be awfully dull, even if the term “black swan moments” makes us think of a very un-dull moment involving Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman. But since McLaren probably won't post any of that on social media, we're very curious to see what actually will be.

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