McLaren Releases The First Details Of Its Wonderfully Mental P15 Hypercar

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Mental may not even begin to describe it.

It's currently codenamed P15, and McLaren has declared it will be its "most extreme road car in its history." In an exclusive interview with Autocar, McLaren revealed the first details about the P15, which will debut later this year. And yes, this will be the second model in the Ultimate Series following the P1. Will it be faster than the hybrid P1? Yes, but only the track-only P1 GTR will be faster. Power will come from a tweaked version of the firm's potent twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 which will produce about 798 hp, making it more powerful than the 727 hp produced by the P1.

However, it'll be less powerful than when the P1's electric motor is also up and running. In that case, the P1 produces a total of 903 hp. And then there's this very important factor: the P15's weight will be slashed thanks to the latest version of McLaren's Monocage II one-piece carbon fiber tub (which includes the roof). Even when combined with the two-seat interior, the P15 will weigh only around 3,300 pounds. Remember, the P15 lacks the P1's hybrid system, a major weight saver. Performance, of course, will be mental. McLaren is right now estimating the P15 won't have a problem beating the P1's straight-line performance of 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds and the quarter-mile in 10.2 seconds.

Styling, according to McLaren, will be "the ultimate distillation of form following function with carbon bodywork used only where it delivers a performance, rather than aesthetic, benefit." Expect to see plenty of active aerodynamics, self-adjusting spoilers and a huge diffuser. The image you're looking at was produced by Autocar, and it's the best indicator of what the P15 will look like. McLaren says the P15's public debut will be next March at Geneva, but a private and online reveal will take place earlier. And yes, there is the future potential for a track-only GTR version as well. Production will be limited to just 500 cars at a price of €700,000 each.

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