McLaren Reveals First NFTs Will Be Of P1 Hypercar

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The P1 and P1 GTR are the subjects of the automaker's virgin drop.

Last week, we learned that McLaren is getting into the metaverse and will start selling NFTs. McLaren has now announced the details of its Genesis Collection, the first drop of NFTs from the storied British automaker. Two of its most legendary cars will break the digital ice, but all of the first-round NFTs from McLaren will be sold by invitation only.

The first MSO LAB NFTs will be of the Ultimate Series P1 and P1 GTR cars. McLaren says they will be limited to 2,012 units to mark the year the P1 was released and notes that the sale will take place across five tiers, each with unique paint and features:

The first tier is Lab Studio P1 which will have Level 1 paint and pinstripe and be limited to 1,000 units. Next is Lab Studio+ P1 with a Level 2 paint job, more detailed pinstripes and graphics, and limited to 893 units.

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The third tier is a Lab Works P1 GTR sporting a special MSP LAB livery and limited to 100 units. The fourth tier is a Lab Honorary of P1 or P1 GTR. This will not be available for sale and will be awarded to select McLaren community members. The fifth and final tier is the Lab Icons P1 and P1 GTR that will come in several variants with unique license plates and graphics.

Some of the 2,012 NFTs have already been given out. McLaren says it awarded 14 P1 skins to community members, including high-profile people from the world of art, fashion, and crypto. The other 1,998 will be available for purchase at

It's important to note that the Genesis Collection is by invitation only, so it's going to be a tough time getting one unless you're already in the club. The good news is that the automaker loves a good PR stunt, so we're likely to see more of these drops going forward.

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The collection drops at 9:00 AM ET on May 11, and 48 hours later, McLaren will release the rest of the NFTs to invited individuals. Each NFT will be "a 1:1 render of a front three-quarter view of their P1 or P1 GTR accompanied by a 1:1 animation featuring the unique treatment and treatment credentials."

Though sales have slowed in recent weeks, NFTs have taken over the world. Celebrities from all corners of the world have created their own NFT collections, and companies realize the engagement potential of blockchain-based technologies. NFTs can be used to record and store vehicle information, such as maintenance records, owners, and accidents.

2015 McLaren P1 Side View McLaren 2015 McLaren P1 Front Angle View McLaren McLaren McLaren
2015 McLaren P1 Side View
2015 McLaren P1 Front Angle View
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2015 McLaren P1 Side View

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