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McLaren Reveals Initial P13 Details

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Due in 2015, the baby McLaren will come with P1 styling, the 12C's powerplant and a $150k price tag.

The last we heard of the McLaren P13 – the British carmaker's upcoming new model – it had started initial testing at the Nurburgring. With the model due to go on sale in 2015, McLaren has decided now's the time to reveal initial specs and details of the car. The model will be powered by the same Ricardo-built 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that sits in the 12C, detuned from 616 to 444 horsepower, and have styling heavily influenced by the P1. At the heart of the new model, currently codenamed the P13 (a name has yet to be announced), will be McLaren's carbon-fiber MonoCell chassis.

McLaren Automotive European sales boss David Brimson said the P13 is going to be "a true high-performance sports car with the same DNA as the 12C and P1." McLaren will price the P13 around 30-40 percent cheaper than the 12C, so expect a price tag of around $150,000. That will place the P13 in the same bracket as the Porsche 911 Turbo and Mercedes' new halo car the AMG GT. With sales anticipated to start spring 2015, expect the P13 to debut at the Paris Motor Show next September. A coupe will arrive first followed by a retractable hard-top Spider variant in 2016.

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