McLaren Reveals New Active Chassis That's Seriously Hi-Tech

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The McLaren 720S will benefit from the manufacturer's new Proactive Chassis Control II and Variable Drift Control.

Rumored to be called the 720S, McLaren will be revealing its 650S successor at this year's Geneva Motor Show, marking the first of a new generation of the Super Series. So far, we know it will be twice as aerodynamically efficient as its predecessor and will adopt McLaren's new lightweight Monocage II carbon fiber central structure. As the reveal draws closer, McLaren has detailed the advanced Proactive Chassis Control II tech that will make the next-gen Super Series set new standards for corning and comfort.


Whether you're in Comfort, Sport, or Track mode, McLaren's Proactive Chassis Control II multi-mode will deliver the "optimal balance of cornering grip, dynamic response, and comfort" tailored to the individual mode and driving conditions. If you were in any doubt about the advanced tech at work here, the Proactive Chassis Control II uses 12 more sensors than previous Super Series models, including an accelerometer on each wheel hub, to get an accurate read from the road and measure the tire contact patch. All of this is processed in milliseconds by the 'Optimal Controller' algorithm at the center of the system, while suspension dampening is optimized simultaneously.

Proactive Chassis Control II generates a significant amount of additional grip, but not at the expense of the balance and feel of the car," said Product Development exec, Mark Vinnels. "The depth and breadth of handling precision and ride comfort in combination with the peerless level of driver involvement in the second-generation McLaren Super Series is simply extraordinary." The McLaren 720S will also be rather good at sideways driving, thanks to Variable Drift Control which will provide "even greater involvement" for the driver, allowing for Electronic Stability Control intensity.

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To accompany the announcement, McLaren also shared the first official shot of the new Super Series in all its camouflaged glory after teasing us with close-ups of taillights and rear wings. Shame the surprise has already been spoiled thanks to a recent leak courtesy of a potential customer at a pre-reveal event that had us swooning. Yeah, McLaren might be a bit miffed about that.

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