McLaren Reveals Sub-7 Ring Time with Stunning Video


But refuses to say how many seconds the seven-minute barrier was broken by.

One of McLaren’s principal aims when building the P1 was to lap the Nurburgring in less than seven minutes. That box has now officially been ticked. The carmaker has released this awesome video short complete with dramatic voiceover and goosebump-inducing footage of the 903-hp hypercar’s demolition of the Green Hell. In cracking seven minutes, the P1 averaged a speed of 111 mph around the 13-mile circuit and hit a 205 mph top speed on the Dottinger Hohe straight.

A precise lap time, however, is not forthcoming. Cynics will doubtless suggest the P1 simply failed to beat the Porsche 918’s 6:57 lap time. More likely is that McLaren doesn’t want Ferrari to use the time as a benchmark and beat it with the LaFerrari.

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Of course, with no official standardized method of recording track times, Ring times are meaningless. That may be true, but we still love the fact carmakers are constantly trying to get around the most demanding track on the planet faster than anyone else. And the P1 looks to be the fastest of them all, for now.

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