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McLaren Reveals the P1 GTR Concept

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The best driver's car in the world?

Consider this the direct successor to the F1 GTR, launched 20 years ago. McLaren has a very clear goal in mind here: to build the absolute best driver's car in the world. To do so, it must create the best track-only hyper car. Being street legal is simply not an option here. It'd be just too tame. So low and behold, the McLaren P1 GTR Concept. The Woking, UK-based automaker has just revealed its latest masterpiece at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California. So how do you make the P1 even better?

For starters, you increase the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 to 986 horsepower – a boost of 83 hp over the street-going version. McLaren says that the sole purpose of the GTR is to offer "more extreme performance." The front track is now wider, complete with a GT-style splitter. There's also improved cooling for the brakes and engine, and the ride height has been slightly lowered. To lower drag and improve driver visibility, the side mirrors have been moved to the A-pillar. The GTR rides on a set of 19-inch lightweight motorsport alloy wheels. And thanks to an onboard air jacking system taken from the 650S GT3, tire changes have been made even easier.

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Looking at the rear end and you'll also notice enhanced active aerodynamics such as a fixed-height wing that utilizes a hydraulically operated drag reduction system. It actually works tin tandem with the active aero flaps located ahead of the front wheels. McLaren says that the P1 GTR driving program will be one of the most exclusive owners' clubs in the world. We have no reason to doubt that.