McLaren’s 570S Design Edition Costs An Extra $10,000 But Is Still A Bargain

Special Edition

This is the closest we’ll get to a Black Friday deal from McLaren.

There are a number of things that we just can’t live without during the holiday season. Small lights and ornaments on Christmas trees, warm clothes in crisp, cool weather, and steamy chocolate drinks are a few things that come to mind. But things are a bit different for those who reside in the 1%. To them, a car straight out the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog is an essential part of a holiday shopping season done right. To cater to this crowd McLaren has just rolled out the 570S Design Edition, which is actually made up of five different cars.

The Design Edition is only available on the McLaren 570S and is the result of what happens when professional automotive designers are let loose and allowed to select color schemes, wheel styles and finish options, exhaust styles, and even brake caliper colors. The Design Edition can be had in five different flavors: Vermillion Red, Onyx Black, Storm Grey, Ventura Orange, and Silica White. The package adds £8,500 ($10,556) to the price of the 570S but it actually saves buyers money over the option of adding the color to each part individually. The car McLaren spec’d out for example is a Vermillion Red Design Edition and looks like something Santa Claus would drive if he hadn’t tamed a red nosed reindeer to pull his sleigh full of participation trophies.

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The exterior work is most apparent on the body panels that complement the red brake calipers, which are caged by diamond-cut five-spoke wheels that have their relative RPM announced by an upgraded Stealth exhaust. The interior is the most opulent part of this upgrade, helping buyers justify their ten grand investment with contrasting red and black Alcantara and Nappa leather strewn across the cabin and held together with contrast colored stitching. There’s no word from McLaren as to what the production cap is but orders are already being taken with deliveries taking place in 2017. Better jump on this deal if you have a hard time choosing colors yourself. This is the closest to a Black Friday deal as you'll get from McLaren, folks.