McLaren's CEO Dishes Some Dirt on P13

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It could be the 911 Turbo's worst Nightmare

Here's what we know: the upcoming McLaren P13 will serve as the so-called entry-level model in the lineup, slotted below the 650S. It'll also have a similar V8, though some changes will be made, and it'll utilize a lot of carbon fiber inside and out. McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt has now dished out some more details about the new car to Top Gear. First off, it'll go on sale in September 2015, and like the 650S and P1, the P13 will be a two-seater.


It will, however, have its own unique carbon fiber tub. Flewitt also made clear that "the 650S will have more speed and grip than the P13...(but the P13 will still) be the most engaging car in its category." And like the 650S and P1, P13 owners will be able to "exploit the capability of the car, without the electronics intervening." Design wise, because the P13 will have less power than the 650S, it'll also have less need for cooling, thus affecting the exterior shape. Speaking of which, the body will be formed from aluminum that'll wrap around the carbon fiber tub. And finally, P13 is simply the car's internal codename. Flewitt hinted that it won't be used for the production version.

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