McLaren's Entry-Level Supercar Will Be Offered as a GT

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As well as both coupe and convertible variants.

It won't be until next March at Geneva when McLaren officially unveils its all-new entry-level model, currently codenamed the P13. But as we're getting closer to that date, more specific details about McLaren's hopeful 911 Turbo killer are steadily becoming available. Like its older sibling, the 650S, we've known that it was all but certain that the P13 will be available as both a coupe and convertible. And, according to a new report from Car and Driver, there'll be a P13 GT as well.

Yes, a mid-engined GT sports car with a luggage compartment at the rear. According to sources, the P13 GT will look "more like an E-Type than the Jaguar F-Type does." And yes, the P13 GT will debut next year as well. We've reached out to McLaren to confirm this report, but we wouldn't at all be surprised if it were true. Remember, McLaren is very anxious to expand its road car lineup, and the P13 presents an ideal opportunity to expand the customer base even further. Thus, having three variants available only makes the car (and automaker) that more appealing. We'll be sure to update everyone on more details as soon as they come in.

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