McLaren's Most Hardcore Hypercar Lands In The US

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And it looks incredible in dark green.

The majority of supercar owners choose to get their vehicles finished in an exterior color that doesn't attract a lot of attention or something that isn't too flash. Others prefer to have flashy, in your face paint jobs that are an eyesore. The owner of this incredible McLaren P1 GTR has found the perfect balance of being flashy and iconic with a dark green and orange exterior. Furthermore, the hardcore hypercar has made its way to the US where it was greeted by other supercars and a large crowd.

Unlike the road-going McLaren P1, the P1 GTR has a host of features that make the hypercar even more of a beast on the track. The 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 and electric motor have been updated to produce 986 hp, which is a total of 82 hp more than the regular P1. To give the P1 GTR its menacing look and even more downforce, the P1 GTR's rear wing is 3.9-inches higher than the normal P1, the wing mirrors have been repositioned and the door-mounted radiator channels have been extended. At $3.1 million, this dark green speed machine is sure to make one of the 35 lucky P1 GTR owners in the world extremely happy.

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