McLaren's P1 Successor Could Be The World's First Mainstream Electric Supercar

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Is this sacrilegious or just automotive evolution?

McLaren is planning to launch 15 new cars by 2022 and one of those could very well be an EV. So far the automaker hasn't let anything slip about the possibility of an all-electric supercar, but at a recent media dinner one journalist did learn some juicy details about a possible Ultimate Series EV. Alex Goy of Carfection (which used to be XCAR) relayed what he heard to his CNET colleague, Roadshow's Andrew Krok. At the dinner Goy learned that a potential successor to the P1 could be all-electric.

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The all-electric Ultimate Series car, which is the top-tier of McLaren's lineup, is part of Track 22. Track 22 is an internal set of goals the automaker is looking to tick off by the year 2022. The company's EV research team will determine if an electric supercar would fit into the Ultimate Series. A company rep told Goy that any car would have to "sound and feel like a McLaren," which seems to kill the idea of an electric supercar. EVs aren't really known to be too noisy after all. While this is technically just talk from a dinner table it is intriguing to see McLaren giving the idea of an all-electric supercar some serious consideration. The company is investing $1.45 billion to expand its lineup, and hybrid powertrains are on the way.

At this point ,an all-electric McLaren doesn't seem like the craziest thing in the world. Sure, no major automaker has taken the plunge but Tesla has tested the waters somewhat with its souped-up Model S. But it remains to be seen if people will respond as well to an all-electric supercar as they would to an all-electric sedan capable of supercar speeds. Then again, by 2022 McLaren might be able to put its name on anything and make money, including an electric supercar.

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