McLaren's Spending $1.4 Billion On Development: That Includes An Electric Supercar

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You knew that it was coming.

McLaren has launched a new initiative called "Track 22" which involves the British automaker investing roughly $1.4 billion into new engines, models, hybrids and electric power over the next six years. McLaren is evaluating a fully electric powertrain for a future Ultimate Series model, which currently includes the P1 and P1 GTR. McLaren isn't sharing any specific details about the electric vehicle yet since development is still in the early stages. But the automaker will surely put out more hybrid models in the near future.

"Our engineers have even started work on a one-off prototype to evaluate the possible benefits of a full-electric powertrain in an Ultimate Series car," McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt stated. The P1 already features a hybrid powertrain, but the automaker wants to electrify its less expensive Sports and Super Series Models,as well. "Our next hybrid vehicle will launch towards the latter part of our six-year plan, and we will see at least 50 percent featuring hybrid technology by 2022," Flewitt said. Besides electrifying its cars, McLaren is also planning on building more track-focused models with the LT suffix. So be on the lookout for a 570LT model soon. There is also a plan to a brand-new engine with less displacement than the current 3.8-liter V8.

There's no word on whether the V8 will go away or not, but there may be some changes that make the motor more powerful and efficient. However, none of that matters after hearing what McLaren has in store for the P1's replacement. Apparently, the automaker is looking towards an insane 1,000+ horsepower electric car as a successor to its already bonkers hypercar. But that model is still some time away. If for some reason you view this news as bad remember McLaren could be spending the money on making a SUV, sedan, or crossover. That would really suck.

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