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McLaren Says No Two Speedtails Will Be Alike

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For over $2 million, we'd want our car to be unique too.

Owners that plunk down over $2 million for a car would be forgiven for wanting it to be unique. Imagine the horror of driving one's red McLaren Speedtail to the yacht club, only to find an identical red Speedtail in the VIP car park. Well, McLaren has already thought of this.

All 106 deposit-holders for the Speedtail will be invited to "envision their car" with a nearly endless range of personalization options. If this process sounds a bit complicated, McLaren's Colour and Material design team has curated a range of design concepts, which have been sorted into three collections.

The first collection is called Dynamic and "makes bold statements with sporty, futuristic and sumptuous themes." Within the Dynamic collection is the Bloodline theme (pictured above), which uses a bold red seat for the driver and white seats for the passengers. On the exterior, the Bloodline theme features gloss black diamond cut wheels with a bespoke light copper edge and silver brake calipers.

The second collection is called Urbane, which gives the "Speedtail a sophisticated look with calm exterior hues, plus subtle and cool interior tones." Within the Urbane collection is the Stratosphere theme (pictured below). This theme sees the Speedtail covered in full gloss 1K visual carbon fiber with the contour pack.

Owners who want the most luxurious theme will likely choose Stratosphere. It features badges made from platinum with carbon inlays and a metallic light blue driver seat with light grey passenger seats.

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The final collection is called Visionary and it "offers a purposeful and unmistakable look from moody, yet striking shades, to opulent and surprising touches."

The Astral theme is inspired by the UK's nautical heritage, with an interior adorned in navy blue. McLaren says these three themes offer a small taste of the customization options available to Speedtail owners.

Which of the three themes is your favorite and how would you option your Speedtail?