McLaren Sees Small Profit in 2013; Expects Moneybags in '14

New models, increased sales send the company soaring into profit for the first time.

For the first time since its first product launch back in 2009, McLaren Automotive has finally managed to turn a profit in 2013, beating its own predictions by a year. And Now, with the majority of P1 deliveries expected during 2014 and the model completely sold out, not to mention the added revenue from the new 650S, the company expects 2014 to be a major year for it, with profits likely to increase fourfold over 2013.

McLaren has already said it would roll out a new model each year, and has also confirmed it is working on a new flagship model, dubbed the P15, targeted for launch in 2017. In the next few years, the company expects to boost its sales to 4,500, with most of those to be based on a yet-undisclosed model expected to fit in below the 12C.

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