McLaren Sells 20 Examples of MP4-12C GT3 Racer


McLaren has already sold the first 20 examples of the MP4-12C GT3 racer.

McLaren announced that it's sold the first 20 examples of the MP4-12C GT3 racer not long after completing its first 24 hour race at the Spa. McLaren says that the demand for the cars has outsold supply. The company is still working on the racer and has limited production in order to be able to cooperate with its customer teams. According to McLaren GT manager Andrew Kirkaldy, the racer "has gone from its first ever shakedown to a 24 hour endurance race in a matter of a few months."

The MP4-12C GT3 has been far exceeding everyones' expectations and clients are "looking forward to receiving Formula 1 technology." McLaren has been working hard to produce a racer that can not only boost the company's name during endurance races, but also a car that customers can be extremely happy with in terms of both reliability and driveability. Oh, the cost for one of these MP4-12C GT3's will set you back around $524,000. Customers also have the option to customize their cars to meet their own specific requirements.

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