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McLaren Senna GTR Is Already Sold Out

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"With some certainty."

Now, did you see the incredible, phenomenal, unbelievable Senna GTR at the Geneva Motor Show, but perhaps wanted a couple weeks to mull it over before pulling the trigger? For that $1.4 million USD, you could also get a modest house, small island, or perhaps stock up on your helicopter fleet. Still deciding?Well, you missed your chance, because according to Autocar it looks like McLaren found enough customers on the Geneva show floor to account for the entire production run of 75 models.

The Senna is already a machine of impeccable credentials to live up to the legend's name, but the GTR is an absolute beast, and we have no problem believing McLaren's claims that it is the fastest car they've ever built, barring their Formula 1 cars. Being a track-only special, engineers have stripped out extraneous equipment like airbags, handbrake, and muffler to drop about 100 lb from the Senna's 2641-lb dry weight, and with at least 814 hp from the 4.0L twin-turbo V8, McLaren promises it can better the standard Senna's 2.8-second sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) or 6.8 to 124 mph (200 km/h).

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To keep it shiny side up, the Senna GTR has ALL the downforce. In addition to the giant wing, a front splitter bigger than some snow plows keeps the nose down, a rear diffuser sucks the car down to the ground, and then there is the body work that plays its part, all combining for up to 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) of downforce. Of course, it needs a race-style transmission, the suspension is wizardry, the tires are black magic, it will have bespoke traction control, and it will even do your household chores. A "McLaren spokesman" told Autocar that over 150 suitors came calling during the Geneva show, so with only 75 being produced, he crushed the hopes of any further prospective buyers, saying, "We can say with some certainty that it's sold out."

Oh, and if you think perhaps a more 'common' road-going Senna might be more your speed at about US$1 million, well, the 500 slated for production are sold out, too. You'll just have to commission an MSO special build for some staggering amounts of cash, I guess.