McLaren Senna Only Needed One Lap To Dominate The Porsche 911 Turbo S On Track

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A stock McLaren Senna driven by Ricardo Mauricio took just one lap to beat the record at Interlagos.

Ahead of the Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix, McLaren set a new track record for street-legal production cars at the famous Interlagos Circuit in Sau Paulo. When the dust settled, driver Ricardo Mauricio wrangled the McLaren Senna around in 1:37:856. We should also note that this was a "stock" Senna and not the even more hardcore Senna GTR.

It's a fitting place to hold a record for the Senna. Interlagos is, after all, Ayrton Senna's home track. Honorary Brazilian citizen and former McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has three F1 wins at the track, many of which were deciding factors in his world championship victories.

We asked McLaren for further confirmation, and it confirmed that the Porsche 911 Turbo S was the previous lap record-holder, with a 1:43:087 around the legendary track.

McLaren McLaren

What's more impressive is that McLaren says this green and gold Senna broke the record on its first attempt. Technically. Mauricio set a single lap beforehand to find the limits of the car. To have done it on and out lap would've been nearly impossible, as we doubt the tires had even hit their optimal temperature range.

The Senna managed to beat the previous time at Interlagos, a 1:43:022, by 1.6 seconds on its first attempt.

Note that this isn't the record time we mentioned above. So, without really trying, the Senna beat the time before setting the 1:37:856 record.


"It was sensational! I had been told that the car was exciting to drive, and it proved real on track. It is very powerful, with very strong torque and acceleration," said Ricardo Mauricio.

McLaren says that a total of six laps with alternating pit stops were needed to set the 1:37 time and that each time Mauricio was able to put in a faster lap than before.

At the end of the day, the Senna and Mauricio pulled 25 laps at Interlagos, but, remarkably, all it took was one to beat the record.


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