McLaren Senna Set To Attempt Nurburgring Lap Record?


Why else would it have been lurking around the Green Hell?

The McLaren Senna has been spotted undergoing some kind of testing at the legendary 12.9-mile Nurburgring Nordschleife. It’s believed McLaren could be looking to topple the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ’s recently set lap record of 6:44.97. McLaren just might be the company to blitz the Aventador’s blistering time through the Green Hell. The Senna is kicking out more power than the SVJ, it’s lighter than the SVJ, and it makes 50% more downforce than the raging bull.

However, the Lambo does benefit from all-wheel-drive, and active rear-rear steering, but who knows if that’s enough to make up the horsepower deficit on the track’s endlessly long straights. Posted to YouTube, the video shows the Senna parked in McLaren’s lot, before being seen on a hoist in a garage close by, and then circulating at low speed either for a photographer, or simply to help the drivers sight the track.

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Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show the Senna turning a wheel in anger, but that doesn’t mean McLaren didn’t run hard later that same day, or is planning to push on another day. So really, all we can actually confirm is that there’s a McLaren Senna doing stuff at the 12.9-mile German circuit.