McLaren Sets up Shop in Most Instragrammed Place on Earth

British supercar maker now has a presence in Bangkok.

McLaren continues to strengthen its Asian presence and it couldn’t have chosen a more popular place to set up its eighth retail partner in the region. McLaren Bangkok will be run by Niche Cars – one of Thailand’s leading luxury car sellers – whose showroom is in the capital’s Siam Paragon shopping mall. One of the largest shopping centers in Asia, the popular hangout is where the most Instagram photos were taken in 2013.

The British supercar maker won’t be short of footfall in the high-end car showroom, but the prices will keep the majority of residents strictly on the wrong side of the glass. In Thailand, imported cars are slapped with a 200% tax. A quick calculation will show you that a base 12C is going to cost members of the Thai elite close to $750,000. And if they can one day get their hands on a P1, they can expect a price tag in the region of $4 million.

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