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McLaren Shifts Focus to P13

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With the 12C and P1 already released, McLaren Automotive is refocusing its energies on the next project. Porsche beware.

With more racing victories than we could count and some of the most radical supercars ever devised under its belt, we could hardly call the beginnings of McLaren Automotive "humble". But it is looking to dramatically expand its lineup. In fact McLaren hopes to roll out a new model every year. The 12C was launched in 2011, the 12C Spider in 2012 and the P1 for 2013. So what's next? A 911 fighter. We've known that McLaren had its eye on Porsche for some time, but now a few details are coming to light.

Speaking with AutoWeek.nl, McLaren's Paul MacKenzie revealed that, thanks to reductions in costs, the project codenamed P13 will be built around a carbon-fiber chassis – a feature typically reserved for higher-priced cars. Expect a detuned version of the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that powers the 12C and P1 to motivate the P13 with around 500 horsepower, targeting the new 911 Turbo and GT2. Numerous variants could follow, including a potential roadster, but we're looking a few years ahead. Which only begs the question: if the P13 doesn't arrive until 2015 at the earliest, what has McLaren got in store for next year?

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