McLaren Shines More Light on P12 Hypercar

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Dramatic new film provides further insight into McLaren's new flagship, set for its global reveal at the Paris Motor Show.

Following the teaser image released earlier in the week, McLaren has launched a full video that previews its soon-to-be-revealed hypercar. Leaving no doubt as to the car's imminent unveiling at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, which is now approaching at typically McLaren levels of speed, the latest press release states unequivocably that "The lightshow provides a glimpse of what will be unveiled at the McLaren Automotive press conference at 17.45 CEST (16.45 BST) on Thursday 27 September." Well, there you have it.

The Tron-inspired video shows trails of light travelling over an invisible form in some sort of high-tech wind tunnel, the airflow creating a shape that is evidently the British marque's hotly-anticipated new supercar and spiritual successor to the legendary McLaren F1.

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So far insiders have referred to the car as the P12 or P1, with rumors regarding its powertrain alternating between the MP4-12C's 3.8-liter V8 supplemented by electric assist to deliver 800 horsepower, or a new V10 engine developed by McLaren and Ricardo. Woking insiders have described the styling - penned by Frank Stephenson with cues from the 12C and the original F1 - as "bigger, angrier and more functional looking" than the MP4-12C. A price of close to £1 million is being touted for each of the 500 units McLaren has planned for production. Watch this space for more as the supercar's unveiling approaches.


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