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McLaren Special Operations Expands Bespoke Program with ‘MSO Defined’

McLaren Special Operations

In addition to revealing a number of defined options for the 650S and 625C, MSO defines five tiers of personalization for its customers.

Created specifically for the 650S and Asia-specific 625C, McLaren has unveiled a series of defined options for its supercars under a new program dubbed MSO Defined. Without mentioning pricing, McLaren revealed options will include an aerodynamic kit, carbon-fiber rear diffuser and extended door blades, a full carbon rear deck and carbon-fiber mirror arms. Interior options include carbon trim and a redesigned F1-inspired instrument cluster.

In addition to MSO Defined, the British carmaker is also offering four other tiers of personalization. MSO Bespoke offers unlimited paint and trim options, and can even build one-off cars like the McLaren X-1. 95 percent of P1 buyers have used this service as have 20 percent of 650S owners. MSO Limited focuses on limited edition models like the McLaren 50 12C; MSO Heritage handles the upkeep of historic cars and McLaren F1 cars for their owners; and MSO Programs deals with the McLaren P1 GTR Driver program, preparing the special track-only car for exclusive track days at F1 circuits across the globe.

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