McLaren Speedtail Bespoke Badges Are Fine Jewelry For Your Car, Not Your Wife

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"But honey, at least the badges look fantastic on my new McLaren Speedtail."

McLaren will only build 106 examples of its upcoming Speedtail hypercar, the latest offering in its Ultimate Series. Set to debut on October 26, the McLaren Speedtail is a 243 mph+ hyper-GT with three front seats and a central driver's position. You know, just like the McLaren F1. But the Speedtail will also represent extreme luxury and comfort alongside its extreme performance capabilities. As such, McLaren felt it was necessary (and we agree with this) to remind us that owners will add their unique personal styling touches to their cars, and this 18-carat white gold badge with carbon fiber inlays is one example.


The badge features the UK carmaker's "Speedmark' logo and was crafted in gold by a specialist company in Birmingham, UK. A set of three badges were made, two up front and one at the rear. This is just one of myriad custom features available from McLaren Special Operations (MSO).

Each of the 18-carat white gold emblems are laser-etched, showing where and when they were created. They also have carbon inserts utilizing McLaren's Thin Ply Technology. The front badge weighs 100 grams (3.5 ounces). But if that's too heavy for customers, then a lacquered transfer that weighs nearly nothing can be selected instead. The emblem is literally a piece of fine jewelry, only for your car, not your wife.

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It should be noted this isn't the first time a McLaren road car uses gold in some capacity. Again, just look to the F1. It utilized a gold foil as a heat shield in the engine compartment.

"As beautiful pieces of exquisitely hand-crafted jewelry, the white-gold badges perfectly set off a car that in every way represents a new gold standard for McLaren luxury. They fit perfectly with the philosophy of the Speedtail, the most luxurious car in McLaren Automotive's portfolio, as well as paying homage to its forebear, the McLaren F1."

With an output of over 989 hp, the McLaren Speedtail will cost at least £1.75 million (around $2.3 million).

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