McLaren Spices Up P1 With Wonderful $305,000 Upgrade

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Hey, naked carbon fiber isn't cheap.

If you're one of the 375 lucky individuals to actually own a McLaren P1, chances are that you are extremely happy with the hypercar. McLaren offered customers that purchased every one of its $1.15 million hypercars an incredible amount of custom touches, but there are still some owners out that there are looking to make the hypercar even more exclusive. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has a solution for wealthy owners looking to make their P1 better than their mate's.

For just $305,000, MSO will replace every body panel on the P1 with bare carbon fiber, which can be finished in any tint the owner wants. MSO's first P1 to receive the carbon fiber treatment looks gorgeous in a shade of blue. While that may seem like an outrageous amount of money, it's clear to see that hypercars fitted with the bare carbon fiber are simply stunning in pictures and in the flesh. The specific blue P1 in the pictures is from the Geneva Motor Show and is simply breathtaking. Just imagine all of the gorgeous P1s that will be coming out in the near future thanks to MSO's new option.

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