McLaren Teases New P12 Supercar


Successor to McLaren F1 teaser photo released with announcement the British sportscar maker will make its international motor show debut in Paris.

McLaren has revealed the first teaser image of its upcoming supercar. The colorful sketch consists of a handful of fluorescent flowing lines emulating a wind-tunnel porotype to form the shape of the spiritual successor to the McLaren F1. From the brief press release it seems unlikely McLaren's new flagship will make it to the Paris Motor Show at the end of the month. Instead the British carmaker "will use this stage to showcase future plans, and unveil to the world its strategy to fast forward the world of automotive."

Before making its international motor show debut, McLaren will drip-feed us information about the "next exciting chapter of the brand." So expect firm details on the hypercar's name, powerplant and styling. So far insiders have referred to the car as the P12 and P1. Early rumors also suggested the MP4-12C's 3.8-liter V8 would be carried over, albeit supplemented by an electric assist and optimized to around 800 horsepower. British publication Autocar now claims that a V10 engine developed by McLaren and Ricardo could be adopted, while Woking insiders have described the styling as "bigger, angrier and more functional looking" than the MP4-12C.

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Design cues penned by Frank Stephenson will likely blend elements from both the MP4-12C and the original F1 in a more dynamic package. A price of close to £1 million is being touted for each of the 500 units McLaren has planned for production.