McLaren Teases New 750S Supercar That Promises To Beat All Benchmarks

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And the reveal is just a day away.

McLaren has posted a brief teaser video across its social media platforms and website, taunting us with the prospect of a new supercar we believe may be the successor to the McLaren 720S. The short video shows us little more than the car's rear end with glowing taillights and a relatively prominent spoiler integrated into the bodywork. But much of the supercar is shrouded in shadow, including the exhausts, cabin, and other details. It ends with two words: Benchmark. Beaten.

According to the countdown on McLaren's website, we have just more than a day before the covers come off, with the reveal tabled for 19:58 Eastern Time on 25 April.

The question is, what is this mysterious McLaren supercar?

Update (04/24): McLaren has subsequently posted a YouTube premiere in which the hashtags #750S and #McLaren750S appear, confirming the identity of the new supercar.


The taillight signature is immediately identifiable as similar to the McLaren 720S, which initially makes little sense, as the 720S has been with us for several years already, and the 765LT has also been with us for some time. But there exists another option - perhaps the 720S is getting a facelift?

This could make sense, as the current production run of the 720S ended in December 2022, with insiders promising a replacement was on the way.

A more recent report suggested that the new car had a name: McLaren 750S. Whether that is the name or not, we don't know just yet, but the same sources that alluded to that at the same time said, "It's not as extreme as 765 [LT], but it is a little more aggressive than 720." That report also said this would be the last non-hybrid McLaren ever.

2017-2023 McLaren 720S Front View McLaren

If it is indeed called the 750S, that would be a direct representation of its power output - 750 metric horsepower, or 740 bhp - which is less powerful than the 765LT.

Given that assumption, it's unlikely that this model will have dabbled in electrification as a hybrid, which is the route we expect McLaren to take for future ground-up supercars. That suggests this new model would be based on an upgraded 720S architecture, including that car's MonoCage II carbon fiber monocoque chassis. It's likely to retain the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, detuned from the 765LT's high-strung state.

Whatever it may be, we don't have long to wait, as the reveal is tomorrow. Stay tuned.

2017-2023 McLaren 720S Front Angle View McLaren
2017-2023 McLaren 720S Rear Angle View McLaren

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2017-2023 McLaren 720S Front Angle View
2017-2023 McLaren 720S Rear Angle View
2017-2023 McLaren 720S Front View

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