McLaren to Present New P1 Supercar in Paris

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The McLaren F1's spiritual successor is poised to make its debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

McLaren is rumored to have big plans for the 2012 Paris Motor Show later this month. Word on the street is that is where the British automaker will unveil the long-anticipated successor to the legendary McLaren F1. Tentatively known until now as the P12, the new supercar could switch to the name P1 in homage to the original. According to a report from Inside McLaren, the Woking outfit is keen to build on the success of the MP4-12C.

It will be built around the same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, but mated to an electric motor, could pack as much as 800 horsepower. Production is set to be limited to 500 units. "That's not to say that everyone who wants one will get one," says Ian Gorsuch, McLaren's Asia Pacific regional director, "because we have a very limited build window." "There are other complications because this is a unique bespoke car so some might take longer to build than others, depending on what the customers specify."

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