McLaren To Supply Powertrain Components For Czinger 21C Hypercar

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McLaren Applied has been integral to producing the monstrous hypercar's powertrain.

McLaren Applied has announced that it has added Czinger to its list of growing OEM customers. This latest bit of news means that one of the world's most advanced automotive parts suppliers will be building a high-performance inverter for one of the most innovative hypercar builders in the USA.

McLaren Applied (MA) is a supplier of electrification, connectivity, control, and analytics solutions. It has been around for three decades, and most of its experience comes from F1. It does not belong to McLaren, however. McLaren sold its innovation arm to the London-based Greybull Capital in August 2021.

MA still works closely with the McLaren mothership but is able and willing to sell its intellectual and physical property to interested parties. You'll find its most recent work in the Artura, but it also played a role in developing the upgraded battery for the P1 hypercar.

Czinger Czinger

In this case, MA will supply Czinger with its next-generation IPG5 800V silicon carbide inverter. Each Czinger C21 will be equipped with three McLaren inverters, allowing the car to make the most of its dual-electric motor and twin-turbocharged 2.88-liter flat-plane crank V8. According to Czinger, the total system output is 1,250 horsepower at 11,000 rpm.

Czinger is also known as an innovative brand thanks to its 3D printing technology. It wants to come out swinging with its first hypercar, which is why it approached MA to meet its inverter packaging requirements. Czinger wanted MA to build the inverter into a 3.79-liter (0.13 ft3) box that weighed no more than 12 pounds. MA obviously made some magic happen and ended up with the IPG5, which provides "unrivaled power density, efficiency, and motor control."

McLaren Applied McLaren Applied

"We believe in performance and pathbreaking technology; as such, we are proud to select McLaren Applied as our preferred inverter supplier. Including their high-efficiency inverter in the 21C will optimize the horsepower of our in-house designed powertrain, enhancing the driver experience," said Lukas Czinger, co-founder of Czinger Vehicles.

MA's new inverter can power electric motors to over 470 hp at peak and 335 hp continuously at a weight and volume unheard of in the industry. It was also designed to work with direct-drive automotive applications.

"Our IPG5 inverter is the culmination of all the know-how and technology we've developed in motorsport and automotive over the last 30 years," said Nick Fry, Chairman at McLaren Applied. "As soon as we met Czinger, we knew we were the right cultural fit for the brand, sharing an unwavering focus on high performance and a can-do approach."

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