McLaren Unveils 12C GT Sprint

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A track-only variant of the 12C has been announced ahead of its premiere this weekend at Goodwood.

This isn't the first special edition 12C. In fact, it's not even the first exclusive track toy of the British marque's supercar. Dubbed the 12C GT Sprint, the latest track-only variant is said to bridge the gap between the stock 12C and the all-out racing GT3 and Can-Am Edition models. McLaren GT, the carmaker's race car building arm, designed and developed the 12C GT Sprint, which has been built around a lightweight carbon-fiber MonoCell chassis. There's no boost in output from the 616-horsepower 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, which is mated to the 12C's seven speed twin clutch box.

But it does come with a unique oil system and a cooling system featuring a 12C GT3-developed central front radiator. Chassis upgrades extend to a recalibrated suspension to match the 40 mm lowered ride height and Pirelli racing slicks, carbon ceramic brakes, and center-locking 19-inch OZ alloys. Drivers also get three handling modes that alters damping, roll stiffness and ESP settings. Optimized aeros and cooling upgrades feature on the exterior. There's a more aggressive front bumper, GT3-inspired hood and front wing louvres, while inside the GT Sprint comes with a rollcage, six-point harness, and carbon-fiber dash housing a race-developed digital display and McLaren GT steering wheel.

If that's not enough, a range of optional extras are available such as an aero package consisting of carbon-fiber rear wing and front splitter and polycarbonate windscreen. Finished in heritage McLaren Orange as standard, the 12C GT Sprint will premiere at the Goodwood FoS. An initial batch of 20 cars will be delivered in 2013 priced at just under £200,000.

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