McLaren Unveils Vacation Of A Lifetime At Winter Testing Grounds

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Want to be a part of what makes a McLaren so great? Now you can.

For those of you who like to do the holiday shopping before Black Friday, there's a new gift available for purchase that is sure to light up the eyes of the gearhead in your life. We'll break it down for you here: It involves fast cars, snow, and a trip to the North Pole. (A meet and greet with Santa may or may not be part of the package as well.) Meet the Pure McLaren Arctic Experience, a travel package involving Motor Trend's favorite car and the ideal vacation for those who find a cruise to the Bahamas or a ski trip to the Alps a bit too tame.

Participants travel to Ivalo, Finland, about 200 miles into the arctic circle, where they are scooped up by a McLaren chauffeur and taken to Jávri Lodge, a building that's none other than the previous home of Finland's longest-serving president. There, participants get to use a McLaren 570S as a high-tech snowplow on the race track. As expected, sideways action is an expectation. McLaren racing instructors will take advantage of the slippery track to teach drivers how to manage fast vehicles in less than stellar conditions. Party tricks will be part of the curriculum as well, with experienced drivers helping attendees to learn things like the Scandinavian Flick, which is popular with rally drivers.

This is a good thing; we think that if every supercar owner learned how to fling a 562-horsepower machine through corners then we'd witness less of these beautiful cars being massacred by bad drivers. Those who are dragged along by spouses unwillingly have options too, with a choice of spending time on snowmobiles or piloting a sled powered by furry huskies. The program starts in January next year and can be purchased by anyone, no McLaren needed in the garage for the trip. Of course, the type of crowd that likes to experience these sorts of things won't want the ruffians around, so the barrier to entry has been set around $15,000 per person, with the experience lasting three days.

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