McLaren Vies for Italy’s Pole Position

Ferrari and Lamborghini have long been the established leaders in supercars. Lotus has recently challenged the status quo for Italian supercars, and now McLaren is coming around the outside looking for a spot. McLaren Automotive has pledged a $1 billion investment towards developing and marketing costs to try and compete with the big boys. The plan consists of launching 13 new models and variants over the next few years.

McLaren Executive Chairman Ron Dennis said on Bloomberg Television the other night: "I see it as a fantastic challenge to come to the market with a new brand." $320 million has already been spent to develop the 458 Italia challenger, the MP4-12C, and last month they debuted the racing version. As McLaren's sole production car (for now), it has a two year waiting list and over 2,000 orders placed. McLaren has long been dominant in Formula 1, second only to Ferrari. This past week McLaren opened their first commercial dealership London.

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