McLaren Wants To Make The 600LT Even Faster And Lighter

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McLaren is already plotting a new flagship Sports Series inspired by the 570S GT4.

Last week, McLaren lifted the wraps off the savage 600LT. It's billed as the fastest, most powerful and most track-focused Sports Series ever built, but McLaren still isn't satisfied. Speaking to Motoring, McLaren's chief engineer Paul Burnham admitted he wants to make an even faster Sports Series inspired by the 570S GT4 race car. "It's amazing how useable the 600LT is on the road. Sure, it's a little louder but it still rides well, which got us thinking we should make an even faster version," he said.

While the 600LT is 211.6 pounds lighter than the 570S Coupe it's based on, the new hardcore Sports Series would be even lighter thanks to a full carbon fiber body. The 600 GT4 is expected to weigh considerably less than the 600 LT's dry weight of 2,749. pounds. McLaren was serious when it said it wanted to start a new "weight race" in the supercar world. Don't think however, this means the new flagship Sports Series won't receive a hefty power boost. While the 600LT's twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine produces 592 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque, the GT4 road car is expected to have nearly 670 hp on tap, bringing it closer to hypercar performance territory.


To put things in perspective, that's only 40 less hp than the McLaren 720S Super Series. "We want it to happen and I'm lobbying hard for it," Burnham told Motoring. If the new Sports Series range-topper does produce 670 hp, the more hardcore 600LT could be called the 680LT, since 680 PS converted to horsepower is 670 hp and the Longtail suffix will likely be retained. The hardcore Sports Series will also likely have a more aerodynamic wide body inspired by the 570S GT4 race car, which features a huge adjustable rear wing, dampers and coilover springs.


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