McLaren Wasn't Kidding When It Said It Has Big Plans For The 570S

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There's more than just a drop top on the way.

The most affordable model in the McLaren lineup, the 570S, will soon go on sale. It's main target? The Porsche 911 Turbo. Clearly McLaren is going after the big guns here and why shouldn't it? After all, it's more than proven itself as a builder of some of the greatest supercars out there. But back to the 570S; what's happening with future variants? According to a new and confirmed report from Autocar, the 570S Spider is due to arrive in 2017. Like the 650S Spider, it'll feature a holding hard top that'll add a bit of weight, but nothing extremely significant.

However, before the 570S Spider arrives, we're now learning that another variant is expected in 2016 that we didn't know of until now – the 570S GT. What's different about it? It'll feature an all-new body style that'll be more spacious with additional storage, designed specifically for long-distance touring. More than likely it'll retain the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, but we don't know just yet whether it'll have the same 562 hp output. What we do know is that the 570S GT will have a more luxurious interior.

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