McLaren Went From 1 to 100 Retail Stores In 10 Years

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The company's centennial store opens in China later this year.

McLaren hasn't been having a good time of things lately, with the company barely scraping together the investments it needs to keep the lights on. Add to that the recall of 19 McLarens on US roads, and the automaker's tenth anniversary year in North America and as a retailer is falling to pieces.

Nevertheless, McLaren is still here, and with some freshly acquired funds in its pockets, the company is now preparing for its 100th global retail opening. This will be in China and will mean that McLaren will operate in 40 markets. That said, the company still has more work to do and is looking to "expand organically".


It's also now been 10 years since McLaren opened its first retailer in the summer of 2011 in London. In the decade since, it has launched everything from the surprisingly brilliant but dull MP4-12C to the 765LT, a car that lights a serious fire under your ass. Its global expansion is part of the brand's Horizon2030 business plan, which included the opening of the McLaren Composites Technology Centre in Yorkshire in 2018 and the expansion of the McLaren Special Operations bespoke customization service.

CEO Mike Flewitt had this to say: "In just 10 short years we, together with our dedicated retailer network, have grown from our first retailer in London to opening our 100th retailer which will be in China later this year, a market which has been growing very strongly and winning many fans."

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Flewitt also took the time to speak about the future of the brand with electrification in mind: "Our second decade is an intensely exciting and innovative one not only for McLaren but also for the wider automotive world."

"As we embrace a future of electrification with the all-new and lightweight McLaren Artura, we'll continue to push the boundaries in the pursuit of creating the world's finest drivers' cars." McLaren basically says it will take what it has learned from the Artura and aim to "drop weight to maintain and improve the agility and attributes customers demand of a McLaren."

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