McLaren Will Only Make Hybrid Cars By 2025

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The future of the auto industry is electric, according to McLaren.

Times are changing for McLaren. As we look forward to the Geneva Motor Show reveal of the upcoming 720S as part of its new Super Series, the manufacturer is planning to release as many as 15 new models within the next six years as part of a huge $1.4 billion investment, including additional hybrid models and even an all-electric electric supercar. At the time, McLaren said that 50 per cent of its line-up will have hybrid powertrains by 2022. According to Auto Express, expect that figure to rise to 100 per cent by 2025.

Currently, the manufacturer's only hybrid is the McLaren P1, but in less than a decade it aims to have its entire line-up powered by hybrid tech. "Our goal to move to 100 per cent hybridization by 2025 is the only way we can meet tough future emissions targets," McLaren's CEO Mike Flewett told Auto Express. "I truly believe electric is the direction for McLaren and, eventually, the industry as a whole". While the 720S Super Series due to be revealed at Geneva next month won't be adopting hybrid tech, it's successor probably will. Flewitt also hinted that McLaren will no longer produce its signature M838T 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 in the future, which may be replaced with a lower capacity V8 or a V6.

"In a few years you will see a shift in the power balance between the combustion engine and electric motors", he revealed. The development of McLaren's new hybrid systems has been made possible thanks to its new carbon tub manufacturing facility which has significantly cut costs compared to the current arrangement, along with the predicted growth to over 5,000 units a year by 2018. And in case you were worried that McLaren's recent collaboration with BMW meant we would start seeing BMW engines in McLarens or vice versa, fear not. "These will still be McLaren engines, developed by us," Flewitt affirmed. Ferrari has similar aims, with plans to only make hybrids by 2019.

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