McLaren Won't Sell A Model Under $200,000 In The US

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Unlike Ferrari and Lamborghini, McLaren will continue to focus solely on low-volume sports cars and supercars.

McLaren's model range is split into three categories: the 'Sports Series', the 'Super Series', and the 'Ultimate Series.' But even an entry-level Sports Series McLaren will still set you back around $200,000 – and this isn't likely to change any time soon. Speaking to Automotive News, McLaren North America president Tony Joseph said the Sports Series will continue to represent McLaren's most affordable range of vehicles. "Not necessarily," he said when asked about the prospect of a cheaper model joining McLaren's model range.


"We did launch the Sports Series two years ago, which started just under $200,000. Now with the Spider, you're at $210,000 on up with options. I don't foresee us having anything below $200,000." McLaren has also insisted it won't be venturing into the lucrative SUV market, so there's zero chance of the automaker building a Lamborghini Urus rival costing less than $200,000. Whereas Ferrari and Lamborghini are increasing their production volumes by branching into different segments, McLaren is content with focusing on low-volume sports cars and supercars for the foreseeable future. Last year, McLaren sold 3,340 vehicles worldwide.


In contrast, Lamborghini sold 3,815 cars but it's aiming to double its annual sales with the launch of the Urus. Likewise, Ferrari delivered 8,398 cars in 2017, but that figure will continue to rise when its upcoming SUV joins the lineup. "We don't have any other products to get us distracted," Joseph said. "We built our product to be high in demand, low in supply. We're going to continue to innovate with new product and make sure we keep production low in terms of the particular car or variant that we build."


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