McLaren's Latest Partnership Is Music To Our Ears

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The British automaker has partnered with Bowers & Wilkins on a long-term deal.

A McLaren is a high-performance driving instrument and something that you purchase to make yourself feel like a Formula 1 driver, but the days of supercars being uncomfortable to live with and inhospitable to drive daily are far behind us. That's why McLaren has been fitting its supercars with high-end audio equipment from famed specialist Bowers & Wilkins since 2015. The two British companies have collaborated to provide vehicles like the McLaren GT with the best sound systems possible and that has continued with the arrival of the new Artura too. Now McLaren has announced that the partnership is being taken to another level.
2022 McLaren Artura Dashboard McLaren
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The British supercar manufacturer today announced that "the partnership has expanded beyond traditional automotive applications for drive unit installation." The announcement goes on to reveal that pioneering advances include subwoofers being integrated into McLaren's carbon fiber monocoque to create a stiff, inert mounting surface for better sound. As part of the new agreement, Bowers & Wilkins will see its branding "appear prominently on McLaren Automotive's Partner roster." Excitingly, the two are working on "new portable and home audio collaborations together." These sorts of things usually offer fascinating design but are typically priced as far out of reach to the average individual as McLaren's cars.
2022 McLaren Artura Side View McLaren
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"McLaren and Bowers & Wilkins were both founded by similarly minded technical visionaries who always pushed the boundaries of what is possible to create innovative products and experiences," says McLaren's chief marketing officer Gareth Dunsmore. "We are, therefore, delighted to be announcing our partnership which builds on the award-winning technical collaboration between our two companies and I'm looking forward to exploring what exciting innovations and products our shared values will create next."

Since joining forces in 2015, Bowers & Wilkins has created Aramid Fiber cones, Rohacell subwoofers, Diamond dome tweeters, dual-opposed subwoofers, and, most recently, the proprietary Continuum cone. With the speaker manufacturer based just 30 miles from the McLaren global HQ, the two brands will work closely to advance innovation in upcoming McLarens.

2022 McLaren Artura Rear View McLaren
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Front Angle View McLaren

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2022 McLaren Artura Side View
2022 McLaren Artura Rear View

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