McLaren's New Hybrid Supercar Spotted For The First Time

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We can't wait to see it in full.

Earlier this month, McLaren teased us with a new hybrid model that will sit above the GT and below the 720S. Tentatively called the McLaren High-Performance Hybrid (HPH), the car will ride on an all-new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) and divert from previous models using a twin-turbocharged V6 engine. McLaren only revealed two photos of the car wearing heavy camouflage, but our spy photographers just captured pictures of two prototypes looking slightly more production-ready.

From these shots, we can see that HPH draws inspiration from several current models, including the shape of the McLaren GT and a similar headlight design as the McLaren 720S. These elements all blend together to create something unique.

Seeing the HPH at different angles also helps certain styling elements stand out more. For example, the front-facing shots reveal how wide this car looks while the rear shots give us a peek at the new twin-turbo V6 engine through the bumper. Making a V6 engine sound good is a challenging task, but with bumper-mounted pipes like a 720S, we expect the HPH to emit a pretty throaty exhaust note. These shots also gave us a better angle to view the car's flying buttress design, which we could barely see in the official teaser images.

McLaren has also confirmed that the HPH will have the ability to run solely on electric power alone. Since we can't spot an additional fuel door for a charging port, we can only guess that the electric range will be minimal and will mainly come in handy when pulling out your house without disturbing the neighbors.

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The HPH is the first in an upcoming line of electrified McLaren supercars. We expect to see the MCLA and the new V6 engine used on future models, including the Sports Series replacement. The McLaren HPH is scheduled for a 2021 debut, and it should cost somewhere between $210,000 and $299,000, putting it between the GT and 720S.


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