Meanwhile, Down Under: Australia Gets A New V8 Monster

This anniversary edition is why we love Holden.

Asyou may have noticed in its 25 years of existence, the Holden Clubsport R8 hascontinued to offer Australia some of its best home-grown V8 excitement.Now, to mark its birthday, the company's affiliated tuner, HSV, has just releaseda limited edition, 108-unit ClubSport R8 25th Anniversary Edition. The 6.2Liter LS3 engine will offer buyers 456 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque, mated to a 6-speedautomatic or 6-speed manual. It also features Pitch Black accents, 20-inchlightweight alloy wheels, special badging and a quad exhaust.

Availablein white, black, silver and red, it will start at $73,290 AUD ($54,366). But toreally appreciate this car and its newly-revealed special edition,check out the glorious history preceding this awesome new car:

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