Meanwhile in Russia… Street Racing in Moscow Ends With a Bang

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The M Power Club hit the mean streets of Moscow… in more ways than one.

If you're a CarBuzz regular, then you know that some of the craziest stories and videos we have come from Mother Russia. This one is no different. On the afternoon of May 26th at about 4pm, the M Power Club took to the streets of Moscow for some impromptu street racing. The group of 5-7 BMW M cars were barreling down Kutuzov Avenue (near house number 24, to be exact), when a gold BMW M3 tried to make a pass around another member on the right side of the road.

Said car about to be passed was thinking of doing the same thing to the car in front of him at the same time, leading to a crash of epic proportions on the very busy and very public road. Both cars swerved, made impact and, would you believe it, the other members of the group sped right through the crash and took off down the road.

The dangers of street racing are not to be taken lightly, but thankfully no-one was seriously hurt from the crash. Apparently since this street is so straight, it is normal for drivers to drive in excess of 75-90mph down the road and accidents happen there all the time.

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