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MEC Design Reveals 'Back in Black' 2014 S63 AMG

Mercedes-AMG / 55 Comments

An evil-looking, sleek rendition from this German tuner.

Nothing says sleeper power-sedan more than a Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, with 585 horsepower available on tap from its menacing 5.5-liter V8 engine. But for those who want more visual bang to match their car's performance abilities, German tuning firm MEC Design has just introduced its rendition of the ultimate sedan, and it is far from being a quiet, elegant statement. MEC's S63, which it calls "Back in Black," adds loads of exterior updates to make the car pop out in everyday traffic.

With no changes under the hood, the most noticeable makeover begins with the Benz's wheels: a set of the firm's controversial-looking 22-inch mecxtreme1 alloys. The car rides lower to the ground thanks to a 40 mm lowering module, with chrome accents throughout given a harsh matte black treatment.

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